by Jonathan Couture


You are likely to spend the better part of 8-10 hours with your photographer on your wedding day. Take some time to get to know them before you hire them. With that in mind... here is a bit about me.

About Photography


I have been a photographer for longer than I can remember, even before I knew Aperture from Zoom.   I see things in light and contrast.  I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph everything from waterfalls in Hawaii, landscapes in Europe, lightning in Tunisia and, most certainly, the beauty in people.  I am pretty sure my favorite photo is one I haven’t taken yet, and my favorite camera is the one I have with me.  If I had a formal mission statement it would most likely be: ‘To capture and share beauty in the world’. The best quote about photographers I have ever heard is this: 

Amateurs worry about resolution, Pros worry about sales, and Photographers worry about light.  Sure, I have a nice camera (or three), and photography is my business, but let’s just say… I like to keep it light. 


About Life

A wise person once said: "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life". I guess it that sense I don't really work... and I'm ok with that. In the rest of life, if I am not tirelessly chasing the next great photo you’ll likely find me sailing, building something, playing guitar, or getting ready for the next triathlon.

You'll also may find me spending countless hours trying to be a kid again with my 8 year old step-son or traveling with the love of my life Lis (